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About Me

After spending most of my life in upstate New York, I moved to Carthage in 2013, taking a position as Director of Engineering at a manufacturing facility in nearby Sanford. In 2015 I took a drive down the Pottery Highway and stumbled upon Jerry Darnell’s Mill Creek Forge. After a long conversation with Jerry, I knew that blacksmithing was something that I wanted to learn more about.  After picking up my first hammer in 2016, I have been very fortunate to count Jerry as a mentor and friend.

I started with a small forge in a lean-to in our backyard, but soon realized the limitations of such a small space. We acquired a dilapidated cinder block building in Carthage and I set to work reconstructing and renovating it into a functional structure. The shop is now fully operational.

At The Carthage Forge, we put an emphasis on traditional forging techniques, but modern techniques are used as appropriate. I have a coal forge, large worktables, a power hammer, torch, and welder in the new shop, and I’ve got plenty of room to move around and work. Big projects like handrails are no problem.

My educational background in mechanical engineering, and time spent on construction and renovation, mean that I have the technical and practical skills required to tackle complicated orders.

Thank you for supporting small businesses. I look forward to working with you!

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